VIDEO: Meat-Eaters Try Vegan Meat and Can’t Tell the Difference

Posted on by PETA Australia

It’s no secret that animals exploited by the meat industry suffer in horrific ways. That’s why Aussies are ditching meat in droves.

But what happens when your taste buds have become accustomed to meat? You might think that by going vegetarian or vegan, you’ll have to say goodbye to your favourite foods and flavours.

Think again.

We visited Melbourne vegan street-food business Woking Amazing to find out whether meat-eaters could satisfy their cravings with plant-based meals.

Spoiler alert: they most certainly could.

Woking Amazing describes itself as vegan “street food with an Asian twist”. On the menu were cheesy chilli nachos, “chicken” satay skewers, smoky crispy “squid”, and shiitake “steak” wraps.

Customers couldn’t believe that the food was vegan, and many admitted they struggled to tell the difference between the vegan meals they were sampling and the meat they were used to eating.

It’s no secret that vegan eating is one of the hottest food trends in Australia right now. Google searches for the word “vegan” have reached an all-time high, and Aussies have the biggest appetites in the world for learning about plant-based eating.

Vegan meats can be found in almost every supermarket these days. Indeed, products from popular brands such as The Alternative Meat Co, Fry Family Food, and Gardein are replacing animal flesh on countless people’s dinner plates.

And Melburnians are spoiled, because Woking Amazing serves up its unique take on meat-free dishes at festivals and events across the city.

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When vegan food tastes this good, there’s no reason to eat animals. And aside from the great taste, plant-based meals also contain no cholesterol and tend to be lower in fat than their fleshy counterparts.

Next time you’re at the supermarket, skip the meat section and load up your trolley with cruelty-free food instead.