7 Times Petitions Saved Animals

Posted on by PETA Australia

Do you sign a few (gazillion) petitions every week?

If so, you’ve helped save countless animals—just by signing your name and clicking “Submit”.

Signing and circulating a petition is an easy and effective way to help animals. If you’ve signed any of these seven petitions, for instance, you’ve had a hand in stopping animal suffering:

1. Kym Ellery Drops Fur

After tens of thousands of PETA supporters signed a petition and bombarded Kym Ellery’s social media channels with anti-fur messages, the Perth-born fashionista announced that beginning in 2017, her label would no longer feature items made with fur.


2. Melbourne Restaurant Stops Serving Foie Gras

Thousands of PETA supporters helped persuade Hell of the North to stop selling cruelly produced foie gras by signing a petition or writing on the restaurant’s Facebook page. The restaurant also told PETA that it would be introducing a vegetarian menu.


3. The Kooples Breaks Up With the Fur Industry

After receiving tens of thousands of e-mails, phone calls, and social media messages from PETA UK supporters, French fashion company The Kooples announced that it won’t use real fur in its future collections. The company, which had also met with a PETA France representative, even gave PETA France a 10,000 € ($14,000) cheque to help eradicate the cruel fur trade.


4. Plans for a Chicken Factory Farm Are Scrapped

Just one day before the York Council was due to decide whether a Rufforth, North Yorkshire, farm should keep 288,000 chickens at a time in crowded, windowless sheds, the farmer withdrew his planning application – most likely because thousands of PETA UK supporters publicly opposed the farm and he knew the application was likely to be rejected.


5. Perth Fashion Festival Forbids Fur

The Telstra Perth Fashion Festival issued a no-fur policy after thousands of ethical fashionistas and animal advocates signed PETA’s petition targeting the festival’s organisers. The policy prohibits fur trim and other items with fur from any animal at the event.


6. Prominent US Circus Shuts Down Because of Opposition

Citing a public “mood shift”, US-based Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced in 2015 that it would pull elephants from the road by 2018. People everywhere were appalled that the circus would continue to haul elephants around the country for another three years. More than a quarter-million people signed a PETA US petition calling for the elephants to be taken off the road immediately. The circus then announced that it would end all elephant acts in May 2016. Now, Ringling Bros is set to shut down completely in May 2017.


7. Sage Sydney Stops Designing With Fur

Thanks to thousands of PETA supporters who let Sage Sydney know that they wouldn’t be caught dead in fur, the Australian retailer dropped animal pelts from its collection.


These examples (and countless others) prove that we have the power to improve the world for animals.

Many of PETA’s campaigns include petitions—please visit the Action Centre and sign away to help animals.