General Animal Rights

Honour animals during Eid al-Adha

By Syed Rizvi As a Muslim who grew up in the Indo-Pak subcontinent, I am appalled that any devout Muslim would consume the flesh of animals who have been …

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Live Export: Australia’s Shame CIWF

Live Export: Australia’s Shame

This year once again, millions of Australian sheep and cattle will endure days or even weeks crammed onto filthy ships, travelling through all weather extremes, to arrive at slaughter …

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Cruelty in the Curriculum

Schools throughout Australia are giving children a lesson in cruelty to animals by using live chicks as teaching tools. Taking advantage of cash-strapped school districts and teachers who are …

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Can Children Save The World?

Arktel: The Planet Only Children Could Save by Menkit Prince is a modern parable for children who are wondering what the future holds for them. Two children from the …

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Book Review: ‘The Animal Code’

With his recent book The Animal Code: Giving Animals Respect and Rights, Danny Crossman joins the growing number of authors who are speaking up for animals. He does so …

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