General Animal Rights

Egypt Cattle Abuse Renews Calls for an End to Australian Live Export

After more shocking footage was released of animal abuse in Australian-approved abattoirs, with cattle in Egypt as the newest victims, then–Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Joe Ludwig insisted that the …

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The Environmental Cost of Live Export

If the suffering of millions of animals on live-export ships every year isn’t a good enough reason for you to support a ban on live export, a new case …

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PETA Australia: A Year in Review

The year 2012 saw some great victories for animals in Australia, and the PETA Australia Annual Review highlights just a few of them. PETA Australia continued to join other …

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Ask Your MP to Stop Ships of Death CIWF

Ask Your MP to Stop Ships of Death

With the number of exposés on the tragedies in the live-export industry in recent years, it is surely time for Members of Parliament to start listening to the public …

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UPDATE: Egypt Clarifies Cattle Mutilations Anonymous for Animal Rights, Israel

UPDATE: Egypt Clarifies Cattle Mutilations

UPDATE: PETA Australia has received assurance from the Australian government that they have communicated with the Egyptian government on this matter, and that the ears of animals will not …

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