This HUGE Bakery Chain Just Launched a Vegan Pie and Sausage Roll!

Posted on by PETA Australia

2020 is officially the year of the vegan meat pie.

Historic Victorian bakehouse Ferguson Plarre has stepped up to the plate with not one but two new vegan options: a meat pie and a sausage roll. Both will be available at all 80 of the chain’s stores starting on 29 June.

The iconic bakery recognised a growing need for vegan pastries when its own CEO, Steve Plarre, made the switch to plant-based eating last year. Now, after 14 months of baking experiments and product testing, the team members say that they’ve “tasted the plant based future – and it’s delicious”.

Ferguson Plarre's new vegan pie and sausage roll!

We’re proud as pie to have worked with these iconic bakers in the lead-up to this launch. These two new offerings ensure that no one has to miss out on meaty, flaky deliciousness. And of course this is wonderful news for cows – curious individuals who have been observed chasing balls, unlocking gates, and going to extraordinary lengths to escape from abattoirs.

Before their bodies are ground up for beef, cows are branded and dehorned and males are castrated – all without pain relief. Despite claims that Australian cattle are “grass-fed”, many cows in the beef industry spend the last six to 12 months of their lives on cramped, filthy feedlots, where they’re given only grain to eat and limited space to exercise so they can be fattened before slaughter. These conditions encourage the spread of disease, so it’s no wonder that, globally, more antibiotics are prescribed to treat animals on farms than to treat humans, which makes us all vulnerable to the threat of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

Along with animal welfare concerns, scientific documentation of animal agriculture’s contribution to climate change has greatly increased the demand for plant-based food, and Australia has become the third–fastest growing vegan market in the world. Euromonitor International predicts that the Australian vegan food market will be worth $6 billion by the year 2030.

Kyle Berhred and Mixie, a rescued cow, at Edgar's Mission.Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Ferguson Plarre’s new vegan versions of Aussie favourites represent not only a compassionate, eco-conscious move but also a savvy one that will ensure its growth into the future.

As for consumers, no excuses remain. Whether you’re craving pies, burgers, pizza, doughnuts, or ice cream, you can now have it all without harming animals.

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