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Outbreaks of Violence in Petra Blocked Animals From Getting Urgent Care

PETA-supported veterinary clinic staff are back in Petra after violence broke out between police and villagers, but now, the number of weary animals used as “tourist taxis” has grown.

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Protesters to WOMADelaide: Ditch Feathers! Trentino Priori

Protesters to WOMADelaide: Ditch Feathers!

PETA activists brandishing a “dead goose” met attendees at the gates of WOMADelaide to protest the festival’s use of feathers.

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Great News: HelloFresh Stops Supporting Monkey Labour

Following several investigations and nearly 100,000 e-mails from PETA entity supporters worldwide, HelloFresh has confirmed that it will remove Thai coconut milk products from its supply chain.

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HUGE News: Alexandra Australia Is Banning Fur!

After hearing from more than 10,000 PETA supporters, this label is going fur-free!

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PETA Teams Up With ‘Lord of the Fries’ to Free Hot Dogs From Cars! Eddie Raine

PETA Teams Up With ‘Lord of the Fries’ to Free Hot Dogs From Cars!

PETA volunteers wearing “car” sandwich boards handed out free hot dogs from Melbourne’s Lord of the Fries to convey an important message about leaving animals in vehicles.

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Art Simone for PETA: ‘Keep Your Pussy Tucked Away’ Peter Foster

Art Simone for PETA: ‘Keep Your Pussy Tucked Away’

The “Queen of Australia” appears in a new public service announcement for PETA, urging cat guardians to keep their animals indoors.

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PETA Virtual Event: Global Compassion Fund Fireside Chat

Join us for a virtual tour with PETA Germany from the front lines of the war in Ukraine as rescuers risk their lives to bring animals to safety.

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Lingerie-Clad Protesters Hand Out Condoms With Vegan Message Chrissie Hall

Horses Mutilated for Budweiser Adverts and Parades

A PETA US investigation reveals horses are mutilated for Budweiser Super Bowl adverts, parades, and more.

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NSW Government Has Again Failed Animals in Laboratories

Policymakers miss a golden opportunity.

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